Conan the Barbarian Podcast 1

Wally Monk, Joeseph Simon, and Keith Beard enter the Hyborian Age and discuss Robert E. Howard’s character, Conan.

Star Wars Podcast Episode 1

OMbee Zee emcees the original Star Wars trilogy with Keith Beard and special guest, Vigatron.

Random LP Podcast 2

OMbee Zee, Keith Beard, Lisa B and Jesse B rank, rate and discuss 6 randomly chosen LPs.  In this episode;  Morgoth, Bob Moses, Dead Boys, Acid Bath, Pentagram, Son Lux, Cigarettes after Sex and Attention Deficit.

Black Rain Podcast

Keith Beard and OMbee Zee review the 1989 Michael Douglas film, Black Rain.

Duran Duran Podcast 1

OMbee Zee, Keith Beard, Lisa B, Patch and Denise take on the Duran Duran discography.

Beastie Boys Podcast 1

Keith Beard and OMbee Zee dive deep into the Beastie Boys discography.

Depeche Mode Podcast 2

Return with us once again to Depeche Mode. Join OMbee Zee, Patch and your host, Keith Beard as they discuss all things related to Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode Podcast 1

OMbee Zee, Keith Beard and OnSteve talk about the Depeche Mode discography.

Queen Podcast 1

OMbee Zee and Keith Beard tackle the entire Queen with Freddie Mercury studio catalog. 

Random Selection of Lps 1

Join OMbee Zee, Keith Beard and special guest Lisa B as they discuss 6 random records.

The Tears for Fears Podcast 1

Keith Beard, OMbee Zee and Special Guest, Patch discuss the 6 albums from Tears for Fears.

80s Video Podcast 1

Join OMbee Zee, Keith Beard and Special Guest, Paul Smith as we talk about some of our favorite 80’s Music Videos.

Candy Podcast 1

OMbee Zee, Keith Beard and Bree try out a bunch of candy and give honest reactions. Join us, won’t you please.

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