My second favorite coffee place is Six Shooter Coffee in Collinwood, Ohio.  Here are the reasons.  The coffee is smooth, the people who work there are friendly,  the vanilla and toffee flavorings are tough to beat, and it is close to my work.  

     I only order iced lattes, so I am not sure about the other types of coffee choices available.  The pistachio flavoring is just alright and I have completely switched over from vanilla to toffee.  Thank God the vanilla was out that day.   
     If I could learn to relax more, the upstairs of Six Shooter would be an ideal place to sit and listen to that Postal Service or Beatles record they have.  Shit, they might even let you bring your own lp to play.  You don’t know until you ask.  
    Total cost: $9 for two iced lattes and a dollar tip.  I probably shouldn’t add all the extra sugar since that’s not necessary.  
     Now, if they only used bigger cups.  Please support them anyway.
002 Six Shooter Coffee
003 Six Shooter Coffee
0004 Six Shooter Coffee

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