Sheetz – Mentor, Ohio
      My friend Sean goes to Sheetz in Strongsville, Ohio to get frozen drinks.  Since I stopped going to Starbucks to get that cafe’ vanilla frappuccino or the incredible salted caramel  frappuccino, I figured that I would try a less expensive and possibly equally tasty treat.  Since I am in Mentor twice a week, I thought of Sean and figured that Sheetz would be the best option.  
     I started with a white chocolate peanut butter coffee frap. which was delicious and then went onto the iced horchata.  Both were better the first time. 
     One day I noticed someone ordering a burrito.  I thought that was strange. A few days later I tried it.  I am not going to say that this event changed my life but I have totally given up on QDOBA, Hot Head Burrito, and that other place that so many love, Taco Bell.  Sheetz is cheaper and the wait is less.  Plus, they have never forgot anything like at least 2 different Taco Bells seem to do every other time i go there, 
     You go to the “magic screen” and pick your meat.  If you want extra, it’s a buck, mang.  I started with the steak and then tried the pulled pork.  The steak is better but I recently switched to chicken.  Then, select your usual toppings.  Sour cream, guac., and pico will cost you extra.  You can get all types of dressing on there but I don’t mess with that because I want to taste what’s in that wrap not just sauce. Complete your order and get the receipt. 
    The highlight is that you get your cheese wrapped up in your tortilla when choosing the quesarito option (see flip phone photo).  You can also choose that if you want the burrito.  That’s the best part.  This lining of cheese makes it.  The ingredients are not the absolute best you can buy, but they have been consistently fresh.  When it’s been busy at Sheetz, I haven’t had to wait more than 5 minutes for my food.  Order it up, pay at the front, and wait for your order number to be called.  Just keep it wrapped up in the shell if you are going to eat it in your car.  
     I have had at least 5 of these masterpieces at the  Sheetz in Mentor and the quesarito and the burrito have been great every time.  I am not sure if everything is this tasty at every Sheetz so I will more than likely just keeping getting my food at this location. 
      ***The price is usually between $5.00-$7.50 depending how MEATY you want your quesarito or burrito to be. 

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