Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
dir.  Rob Hedden


               Even into adulthood I was scared to watch any of the Friday the 13th movies.  After watching the original, I quickly realized that there was nothing to be afraid of since it wasn’t the least bit horrifying.  I started watching the Jason flicks in order and I haven’t liked any of them except for part VI which I love.  I think Jason is more of a bad ass in that one than in the first 5 and the 7th.  That being said, I am not sure how great this movie or write-up will be.
              Part VIII starts up with Jason rising up from the depths of the sea after being electrocuted back to life (again).  He kills the first couple on a boat near Crystal Lake which starts the theme of this one which is killing off teens on a cruise ship.  If it sounds like your type of movie or you are a fan of the series than you may love this one. 
             Graduating seniors are on a cruise ship headed for Manhattan but after 37 minutes I am starting to wonder if they are even going to get there.  The cruise ship is pretty awesome as shuffleboard, dance parties (the music is even on when people aren’t dancing), and small time boxing are events that one can choose to participate in.  One could also play guitar to a tape of bad metal if you desire to. 
             I honestly thought this one would be about Jason in the streets of NY kind of pre-dating Leprechaun in the Hood or Leprechaun: Back to Da Hood. It certainly wasn’t about that or killing muppets as an old friend said years ago. 
              I love a handful of slashers but this one didn’t make that list although it may be my 2nd favorite of the 8 I have seen.  The sameness of this one and the other 7 didn’t bother me.  Some of the death scenes were great. You do get death by guitar, nerdy kid getting thrown into some type of electric wiring, the rooftop rope a dope, and death by toxic waste.
              As I mentioned before, if you are into Jason movies than you may dig this one.  I will say that it does get better after the first hour when the crew actually arrives in Manhattan.  If you do or don’t care for the series would suggest watching StageFright, Black Christmas, Pieces, Death Ship, Children of the Corn, Halloween (of course), and possibly those 2 aforementioned Leprechaun flicks. 
*I wonder if Rennie will miss her Uncle Charles, y’all.
*The opening song is decent. 

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