Blair Witch (2016)

I don’t know what to say here about this one and it’s often times difficult for me to write about movies I don’t enjoy. 
       Blair Witch isn’t a remake but it uses elements from the original.  It is about a guy searching for his missing sister.  She’s been gone for years but recent posted YouTube footage provides some evidence that she may be in the house of the witch.  Of course the house is deep in the forest somewhere and finding the house makes up a big part of the movie.  Before entering the forest (which is usually a bad idea with or without friends or weaponry), the group of friends meet up with some guy who posted the said utube video of the witch and knows her history.  He seems helpful but ultimately proves useless. One can’t totally blame him since no one truly knows how they would do against supernatural forces.   
   I do somewhat appreciate a new take and I thought there were a few *scary scenes (mostly when you see that weeotch) but don’t expect anything nearly as great as the original here.  Even if you don’t consider the original, this one could have been much better. What would have made it better?  I am not entirely sure but my guess would have been more twists and turns.   Was this movie made so a younger generation could try to feel what I felt when watching the original (my dad is still scarred from watching that one)?  My guess is yes.  Is the director horrible?  No! 
    I thought Wingard’s Death Note was great and I loved You’re Next.  People I know seemed to like The Guest way better than I did.  I don’t remember which portions of V/H/S or The ABCs of Death he did but I am curious to revisit them for his contributions.  I have enjoyed 2/4 of his films thus far.  My guess is that you will enjoy at least one of the four of his films I mentioned.
    If you did enjoy Blair Witch, you may enjoy Toad Road.   
*These scenes probably won’t scare you since I am a wimp. 
A Review by OMbee Zee
Blair Witch 01
Blair Witch 02

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